Catalyst Everything DiSC Management Profile Add-On (Requires that learner also has a Catalyst Workplace)

This Add-On requires Catalyst Workplace for same learner

  • Requires that you already have a pre-existing Catalyst Team and Organization
  • This is the new Catalyst™ version of the updated Everything DiSC Management Profile. Learners will: 
  • Gain important insights about their own DiSC Management style, strengths and challenges in organizational settings 
  • Learn management strategies for directing and delegating, motivating and developing talent for each of the four (4) DiSC styles 
  • Learn how to manage upward to senior management more effectively as well 
  • The report and access to the Catalyst platform will be instantly available to the learner after completion
  • This add-on can also be added at a later date to a learner's Catalyst account without an additional assessment
  • This will be added to a learner's existing Catalyst Workplace account 
  • Click here to view a sample of this 51 page report: Catalyst Everything DiSC Workplace / Management Combo Profile

Our Price $54.00