Do you have a team that wants to increase their effectiveness to goals and expectations?   We can assist you.   We offer a range of onsite facilitator-led workshops designed to help different types of teams improve their effectiveness and performance.  We use specific instruments as the basis for each workshop.  We also use an existing format for each workshop that we can deliver as designed or further customize to your needs.  We offer the following types of group workshops:   

Organizational Team Workshop:  Increase the effectiveness of communications between team members and the people that they interact with both internally and externally.   This workshop focuses on assisting each team member in better understanding their own personality style, how their style reacts to similar and different styles and strategies for how to more effectively adapt their style to other styles to increase the effectiveness of interactions and quality of relationships.  We use the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile for this workshop. This is a one (1) day workshop. 

Management Team Workshop:  We help managers become great managers. How well a manager relates to each member of his/her team is essential to becoming a great manager. This workshop further develops managers and helps them increase their effectiveness in the areas of directing and delegating, motivating and developing others.   We use the Everything DiSC Management Profile for this workshop. This is a one (1) day workshop.

Leadership Team Workshop:  Leadership competency is more important than ever. Even good leaders need occasional development and coaching. This workshop develops your leaders in the areas of creating vision, building alignment and executing.  This is also a strategic workshop that is excellent for emerging leaders as well as seasoned leaders within the organization.  We use the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile for this workshop.  This is a one (1) day workshop. 

Sales Team Workshop:  Looking to increase your team's overall sales performance? Let us help you develop your sales team to its fullest potential.  This workshop focuses on increasing sales effectiveness by helping your sales professionals better understand their selling styles, identify the different types of customer buying styles and strategies to adapt their selling style to the customer's buying style in order to overall improve sales performance.  We use the Everything DiSC Sales Profile for this workshop.   This is a one (1) day workshop.

Each of these workshops is typically delivered in one (1) day on a standalone basis at the client's location or at an offsite venue arranged by the client. In addition, we can integrate and deliver any of our workshops in alignment with your broader organizational initiatives such offsite retreats, annual kick-off events or ongoing professional development initiatives. 

For more information about our workshops please contact Chris Ewing at chris@yourlifespath.com or (727) 527-1200.


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